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Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) is a constituent body of Limerick City & County Council. The enduring ethos of Limerick City & County Council remains constant in its visionary public service work but the skills to develop, maintain and implement the public desire for good local government are hard won. The trust of our endeavours is to efficiently maintain a constant, creative, socially beneficial range of democratic local government initiatives through a close partnership process with community and authority staff for the development of an inclusive society. This philosophy of a working community and authority partnership is proving to be a very effective, harmonious sword of change and has come as a result of great vision and energy from all the participants. The city moves forward, confident in the knowledge of its resources and its ability to bring these to bear on all emerging events in the life of this city.

Limerick City & County Council


The Arts Council -

Limerick City Gallery of Art's temporary exhibition programme is annually supported by The Arts Council.


The Heritage Council  - 

LCGA is working with the Heritage Council toward the Full Accreditation of LCGA in the Museum Standards Programme for Ireland.

The Heritage Council has also awarded funding to assist in the care & conservation of its artworks in the Permanent Collections.   



Shinnors Curatorial Fellowship

The Shinnors Scholarship supports a curatorial postgraduate student to complete a two year Curatorial Fellowship at Limerick City Gallery of Art throught LIT/LSAD.

Established in 2003, the first Shinnors Scholarship recipient, Pippa Little, has completed a PhD in Artists' Learning. Susan Holland, the second recipient, completed a MA in Curatorial Practices. The third recipient of the award was Mary Conlon, (2009|2011) who progressed to a PhD.  Aolibheann  McCarthy was the forth recipient (2012|2014).  Simon Fennessy Corcoran was the fifth recipient (2015|2017), Brendan Egan is the sixth recipent (2019|2021)

The scholarship fund is provided through Limerick City Gallery of Art and is supported by artist John Shinnors.



Fás/Solas have supported Limerick City Gallery of Art since 2001, providing 6 part-time Gallery Assistant positions.


Fáilte Ireland

Fáilte Ireland supported Limerick City Gallery of Art’s Autumn Season in 2007, 2008 and 2009, awarding funding for marketing for the autumn programme.





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