LCGA Exhibitions 2023

Come on baby Casey Walshe

25 February - 16 April 2023
Limerick City Gallery of Art

LCGA is delighted to announce the first institutional exhibition, Come on baby, by Casey Walshe.  Walshe is the recipient of the Arts Council’s Next Generation Award in 2022 and was shortlisted for the Hennessy Craig Award.  They have exhibited in several group exhibitions over the years.

The motif of the flower is the starting point to the work, which is based in painting.  The current work is a projection of the female gaze onto a female subject / motif (the flower).  The paintings are love letters to, memories of, and portraits of female lovers.  Recent paintings point back to earlier works about the brain and the heart and point forward to abstraction and self authorship.  The paintings are love stories branching from the tradition of minimalist figurative abstraction.

In the process of making, pressing questions have emerged for them as a queer artist who is now assembling their most autobiographical work, dealing with themes of discomfort, supression, lust, desire, growth, expansion and retraction – much like the cyclical stages of a flower.



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