LCGA Exhibitions 2022


2nd December 2022 - 22nd January 2023
Limerick City Gallery of Art

Objects of Memories


‘My present work is inspired by memories, searching out and recording events by drawing of situations to bring memories back to life in a piece of art. Giving a new lease of life to often ignored and simple aspects and memories of our life.   I have always been drawn to the everyday objects and the stories behind them, returning to my childhood and teenage years, the objects, places, and stories   that remind me of growing up visiting Parnell street in Limerick, such as a sauce bottle from Luigi’s chipper,  a post box outside the post office on Parnell Street,  my father’s violin that he took all over Ireland busking,  travelling  on the train from Colbert train station,   the suitcase, that remind me of my grandparents who would visit from England, travelling by ferry and train arriving at Colbert station.’        

‘My work features oversized object sculptural work, each object is sized  to emphasise  their  importance to my memory,  the material  used is metal rods that are bent and welded into the shape of these objects, the colours I have used are reflective of how I feel when I remember these objects.’          

Caroline Dunne, 2022



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