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Fiona O'Dwyer

Fiona O'Dwyer, I Went Up the Mountain With Someone Else's Story and Came Down With My Own

21 June- 25 August 2019
Limerick City Gallery of Art

Fiona O'Dwyer

Fiona O'Dwyer

Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) is delighted to present Fiona O’ Dwyer’s first solo exhibition in the Gallery. 

This exhibition sees O’Dwyer using carefully selected materials including ink, copper alloys, liquid light and raw pigment to create an intricate body of sculpture, drawing, photography and video works. The Trace series of drawings for example are made from layers of paper, pencil and compressed earth while the Hurt sculptures are made using casting methods of the Bronze Age.


This work follows from many years exploring ideas around familial memory. At its heart is an account by the artist’s father of his experience of picking hurts in the woodlands and mountain slopes of Tipperary as a source of income in the 1950’s. These wild blueberries came to embody particular ideas for the artist but in the end it is important for her that in the making the works become their own thing.


“It is all in the making, in the materials, in the blood. I pick the hurts. I take a cast and fill the mould with wax. I encase the wax in dung, clay and sand and fire it. I tend the fire and melt the bronze then pour the molten metal. I open the moulds and pick some and discard some. I clean. I wait…and start again.”


O’ Dwyer is a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design and lives in North Clare.


A fully illustrated publication will accompany this exhibition with an essay by Michaela Cutaya and will be available end of August. 


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