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REPAIR by Bernadette Cotter

25th January - 25th March 2018
Limerick City Gallery of Art


The Limerick City Gallery of Art is delighted to present Repair – an exhibition of installations, performance and drawings by artist Bernadette Cotter.

Life and death, religion and ritual, pain and sorrow are the threads that weave through Cotter’s practice, which is aesthetically beautiful.  Her meticulous attention to detail, the unusual choice of materials and meditative quality achieved through repetition fill the senses.  But as with most things, outward appearances are often skin deep and engaging with Cotter’s work  involves stripping back the layers, a process that affects both artist and viewer.


Officialy Opened by, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, on Thursday 25th January, 6-8pm 

In Repair Cotter will present three separate projects, which represent several years of intricate work on paper and textiles.                                                                                                                  

Bernadette Cotter_LCGA


 Repair, details of installation at LCGA

“Repair” 2017,  This installation is made up of an accumulation of used piano strings collected from Jeffers of Bandon over a period of three years. The individual strings are painstakingly wrapped in dark red yarn that completely obliterates them from view and a ball of yarn is at the end of each string. The second element of this piece is a facsimile of a human skeleton closely wrapped and stitched with white cotton thread, the face is wrapped in black again completely hiding the surface, but not the form.




Bernadette Cotter_LCGA  
 Bernadette Cotter, drawings installation LCGA  


Bernadette Cotter_LCGA

“Edge of Absence” 2014 is a shocking and somewhat violent installation is made up of thousands of shards of broken glass overlapped on the floor to form an eight by three and a half metre rectangle.  Engraved on these shards of glass are poems by Eavan Boland, Adrienne Rich and Mary Oliver.

In the performance piece Cotter walked over the floor piece crushing the glass underfoot.


 Bernadette Cotter_LCGA
“still life“ 2008 is made up of seven hanging black organza panels stitched with the outline of people’s hands.  Beside each hand is a word or words given by that person.  Accompanying the panels are a 100, 25cm long sewing needles wrapped with black thread to form spindle like hangings. Alongside the installation 42 red drawing will be exhibited.


LCGA will launch a catalogue to accompany the exhibition REPAIR by Bernadette Cotter in March 2018. The catalogue features essays by Sarah Baume and Dr. Austin McQuinn.


Exhibition information sheet:    Bernadette Cotter (489 Kb)


Exhibition continues to 25th March 2018


For more information, please go to    or email

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