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OPEN e v+ a at The Hunt Museum

25 May 2009
The Hunt Museum, Rutland Street, Limerick

Of the 36 artists selected by the Curators Angelika Nollert & Yilmaz Dziewior, 4 artists exhibit their work in the Hunt Museum, with work including photography, external installation, text, audio and an artist book.

(1972, Turkey/ Germany)
Curtain House, Limerick
9 Curtains Hung on Hunt Museum Exterior, 2009
By installing her curtains on the outside of some windows of the Hunt Museum Nevin Aladag creates several contradictions: she uses a device mainly found in a private setting for a public space and inserts something which is supposed to be hung inside a room externally. The Hunt Museum collection was initially a personal and private one, and the suggestion of the context of the domestic context in a public space is appropriate. By installing the curtains, which are slightly oversized, Nevin Aladag creates a surreal setting which negotiates aspects of exposing and hiding.

Daniel KNORR
(1968, Romania/Germany)
Leabhar Ealaíontóir
Artist Books edition of 200, DVD Documentation, 2009
Daniel Knorr spent a number of weeks on residency in Limerick, working on the production of his artist’s book, Leabhar Ealaíontóir. The book was published in 200 unique-copies, signed and numbered by the artist. Inserted and pressed inside the pages of the book each copy contains different garbage pieces found and collected by the artist from a public space. Knorr also visited Belfast and Dublin to collect material. The book contains a DVD with a 32’ film documenting the whole production process, showing the different stages and the artist’s involvement. His contribution for ev+a 2009 is part of a bigger publication project that has already included other versions in Romania and China.

(1968, Ireland)
Irish Guards
Enlarged Newspaper Prints 2006
This image is from The Daily Telegraph, 12 June 2006 accompanying an article written by UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith titled, where there is a credible allegation of serious wrongdoing, the rule of law must apply. In the article he defends the military justice system that has prosecuted British troops fighting in Iraq. The caption for the image reads “Guardsmen Joseph McCleary, left and Martin McGing after they were found not guilty of manslaughter of a 15-year-old Iraqi”.

(1978, 1975, 1976, Germany)
There was a Time
Audio, 2009
In the audio work There was a time, a voice guides the listener through fictional interiors placed in luxury housing estates. Beside descriptions of detailed ambience the outside remains present and distant. The basis for the descriptions was advertising from luxury properties from Limerick and other places around the world.

(1978, 1975, 1976, Germany)
The Right to be Lazy
Text cut in grass behind Hunt Museum, 2009
The citation of the French socialist Paul Lafargue’s publication with the same title (1880) was cut into the grass of the public green space behind the Hunt Museum, previously the Custom House of Limerick. In his book Lafargue argues against the theories of Marx and Engels regarding the influence of capital and opts for contra-productiveness. The letters will be trimmed during the exhibition while the surrounding grass will grow further. The arrangement of the letters suggests a former labyrinth from pleasure gardens. The green space behind the Hunt Museum reflects the idea of public spaces.

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