LCGA Exhibitions

OPEN ev+a at City Hall & Offsite

25 May 2009
City Hall and Offsite

Of the 36 artists selected by the Curators Angelika Nollert & Yilmaz Dziewior, 5 artists exhibit their work at City Hall & Offsite, with work including external installation, posters and photography.

(1970, Cuba/Germany)
DJ President
Two street lamps blinking, 2008
A line of two ordinary street lamps are permanently blinking, they seem to have functioning problems. They are responding to sound impulses that come from a sound trigger which is connected to an MP3 player that is playing a speech by Fidel Castro. Each one of the street lamps is connected to a different speech from a different time. Blackouts became very regular during the 90s in Cuba; complete cities were without electricity for 24 and sometimes 48 hours. By the mid 90s the blackouts were systematized and the cities were divided into different zones with independent blackouts. From one of the highest buildings in Havana I used to see a “blinking city”, full neighborhoods became black holes while others were transformed into universes full of small stars. A full city was affected by a big political error. The president as a master DJ was using our city as his club, playing in repeat mode his bites of fear and darkness.

(1964, Germany)
Limerick Soundmapping Broadcast
Triple Radio Broadcast, Posters, 2009
Saturday 14th March between 7:00 and 8:00pm at West, 102MHz, 8 minutes
Sunday 15th March 9.30pm at, 96-99MHz, 20 minutes
Thursday 19th March between 2:00 and 2:30 pm at, 99.9 MHz, 9 minutes
Soundmapping is the audio exploration of a location by listening to the sound of a given area. For this project Florian Hüttner walked through the streets as a stranger. He captured the multitude of sounds that he encountered, like conversations on the street, traffic noise or music coming from bars. From this he created a sound collage. To advertise this event Hüttner designed posters in the form of large scale drawings, exhibited here.

Eduardo Daniel NAVARRO
(1979, Argentina)
Untitled (Recycle)
Recycling Depot, 2009
The artist has created a bottle recycling plant in the shape of a wooden house by the Bottle-Bank outside City Hall. He will make Limerick souvenirs out of the recycled bottles using simple techniques which will be given away for free. As the identity of communities is defined by their relationship to recycling their natural resources, the artist wishes to make use of the social environment and to transform used bottles into souvenirs, for public re-usage.

Siobhan OGILVY
(1972, Ireland)
Hallowed Ground
Photographic Series, 2008

These four photographs explore the interiors of buildings which were controversial due to historical significance of the sites on which they were built. In the mid-1970s Dublin Corporation began work on the construction of their civic offices, located on the site of the city’s original Viking settlement. In the same period the decision to build the Electricity Supply Board’s headquarters on Fitzwilliam Street resulted in the destruction of a large section of the longest remaining Georgian street in Britain or Ireland. Despite major protests, both buildings were constructed on the intended sites and to this day are controversial for how they look and for what they signify.  There is a resulting tension between how people feel about the buildings, the spaces they inhabit, how they look and how they function.


(1963, Ireland)
Urbismodo Physiognomy 9
Photographic Series, 1998-2008
The series of images Urbis Modo (city just now) were all taken in Temple Bar, the amusement quarter of Dublin. Over several years the artist recorded the journey of many people over the course of the night. He depicted the moment where the body lost physical control and the personal worlds of the people collapsed. Exhibiting his works only as life size prints, the artist encourages the viewer to see themselves in relation to the images.


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