Exhibition Catalogue

Simon Starling, Concrete Light. Catalogue Cover

Exhibition Catalogue

Concrete Light, Simon Starling

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Starling 2008 exhibition catalogue, including Critical Text by Sean Lynch and text on works by the artist. PDF Online.


Critical text by Sean Lynch 'Simon Starling and assorted notes on The Atomic Theory'

Text by the artist on all works exhibited

Photographic documentation of exhibition

Starling Biography


2008, Full Colour 16 Page, 21 x 15 cm.

ISBN 0-9553668-6-0      978-0-9553668-6-4

PDF Version available for online viewing:

Simon Starling, Concrete Light. Catalogue PDF (2,860 Kb)

Published by: Limerick City Gallery of Art 

Design by: AVid Graphic Design

Photography by: Matthew Gidney, Simon Starling, Deirdre Power and Press 22

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