Exhibition Catalogue

Walter Verling - A Sixty Year Retrospective Catalogue

Exhibition Catalogue

A Sixty Year Retrospective. Walter Verling

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Verling 2008 exhibition catalogue, including Introduction by Katie Verling, Critical Text by Aidan Dunne and Interview with the artist by Mike Fitzpatrick.


Introduction by Katie Verling

Walter Verling and the European Landscape Tradition by Aidan Dunne

Matching Conceptualisation to Visualisation - Interview with artist by Mike Fitzpatrick

Text by the artist on all works exhibited

69 Colour Plates

Verling Biography


2008, Hard Cover, Full Colour 84 Page, 25 x 15 cm.

ISBN  978-0-9553668-33   978-0-9480376-58

Published for Limerick City Gallery of Art by Gandon Editions

Design by: Gandon

Photography by: Matthew Gidney

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