LCGA Exhibitions 2022

Behind Smoke & Mirrors Residency & Exhibition

Carl Giffney, Artist on Residency, Picture

Artist in Residence


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Carl Giffney graduated from the National College of Art and Design Ireland in 2007. Since this time he has been involved in many diverse projects both nationally and internationally. Between exhibiting and travelling he holds a permanent studio at The Good Hatchery.

Carl is fascinated by belief structures, methods of explaining our surroundings, taxonomy and history. He attempts to understand how, why and when we engage with such topics on a daily basis through his art practice. By initiating such research, in as many different contexts as possible, he hopes to explore notions of personal and social identity, and ultimately the greater social cohesion that does, or does not, link us to our fellow man. Accessibility is very important to his practice, believing that all audiences are unique and intelligent and that an artists approach to any group of people must be equally unique and intelligent. The outcomes of his practice often involve dead pan humour, large scale physicality, aspects of performance or interactivity and bizarre mis-truths.

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