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Plan A + Plan B2

PLAN A + PLAN B exhibition of Contemporary Printmaking curated by Suzannah O’Reilly

3rd April - 15th May 2015
Limerick City Gallery of Art


Installation image from LCGA of PLAN A + PLAN B 


PLAN A + PLAN B Project is an innovative exhibition consisting of print works by 20 members and supporters of Limerick Printmakers.   The exhibition offers the 20 invited artists and includes artworks by each artist working individually (PLAN A) and another selection of artworks (PLAN B) which are the result of these same artists who joined together in pairs to produce in collaborating a single artwork per pair.

The goal of the PLAN A + PLAN B PROJECT is to provide the artists with a unique opportunity of artistic and technical collaboration and to provide the audiences with works that demonstrate the full range of contemporary printmaking styles and processes. 


Installation image from LCGA of PLAN A + PLAN B 

Participating artists: PLAN A  PLAN B:  Deirdre Gallagher| Fiona Quill| Mary O’Dea| Pamela Dunne|Niamh Fahy| Mike Byrne| Pat Fitzpatrick| Brian Fitzgerald| David Lilburn| Des MacMahon| Suzannah O’Reilly| Clare Gilmore| Bella Walsh| Alan Crowley| Derek O’Sullivan|David Bowe| Eoin Barry|Gavin Hogg| Gemma Dardis| Clodagh Twomey


Berlin Box

Installation image from LCGA of Berlin prints 


Collaborative project in conjunction with the Limerick Printmakers & Berlin 

BERLIN BOX- Participating Limerick artists:  Aoife Barrett| Deitric Blodau| Mike Byrnes| Alan Crowley| Emilie Doyle| Pamela Dunne| Clare Gilmour| Richie Hannafin| Charles Harper| Gavin Hogg| David Lilburn | Des MacMahon| | Niall Neassans| Suzannah O’Reilly| Derek O’Sullivan| Fiona Quill| Orlaigh Spain| 



Collaborative project in conjunction with the Limerick Printmakers & New York, USA

NY Box

Installation image from LCGA of NEW YORK BOX SET


NEW YORK BOX - Participating artists: Catherine Mary O’Brien(NY), Judy Barringer(NY), Neil Beeger(NY), Scout Dunbar(NY), Patricia Hunsinger(NY), Gregory Page(NY), Alan Crowley, Robert Silva-Ortiz(NY), Gemma Dardis, Des MacMahon, Marie Varley(NY), Stan Bowman(NY), Derek O’Sullivan, Brian Fitzgerald, Orlaigh Spain, Fiona Quill, Gary Dempsey, Margaret Myre(NY), Kumi Kurf(NY), Susan Weisend(NY), Kathleen Friedrich(NY), Christa Wolf(NY), Karen Klee Atlin(NY), Elizabeth Granthan(NY), Laura Rico(NY, Pamela Dunne, Emily Doyle, Eva Daly, Pamela Drix(NY), Suzannah O’Reilly


LCGA PLAN A + PLAN B information sheet (12,749 Kb)



For further information please contact  Tel: 061 310633

Opening Hours:    Monday-Friday 10-5.30, Thursday 10-8.00; Saturday 10-5.30pm & Sunday 12-5.30pm

Closed on Public & Bank Holidays

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