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Nick Miller - Truckscapes, Drawings from a mobile studio

January 17 - February 24 2008
Limerick City Gallery of Art



“Miller’s prickly, symphonic rectangles of line, tone and surface are startlingly, visually alive. And the soulful resonance of his portraits of place arises ever so naturally from them’[1].  LCGA is the Irish venue for the exhibition that was first shown at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris in September/October 2007. 

Nick Miller is an artist who has moved with dexterity and conviction between Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape and The Figure. He has refined the focus of his interest working directly in the presence of his subject, keeping the process animated and charged by a continual confrontation with 'real presence'. His work has a unique intensity of vision and realization that continues to challenge expectations of being in, seeing and painting the world. While working from the foundation of tradition in painting and drawing, he continues to revitalize those traditions into something contemporary and timeless. 

In 1997 he began working from the back of a mobile studio – a converted truck: painting the land around his home in Co. Sligo. This mobile studio makes possible a direct engagement with ‘Landscape’ as a subject. The truck doors opens to nature in a full frontal assault. It has allowed a merging of an enclosed ‘culture of the studio’ with the thrill and immediacy of ‘Plein Air’ painting. 

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[1] Peter Plagens Nick Miller: Drawing Life from Landscape.  














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