Current Exhibitions - Alan Phelan, Brian Duggan, Permanent Collection

11th October
Limerick City Gallery of Art

Alan Phelan, 'Fragile Absolutes Part 3' - 12th October - 22nd November


This is the third part of the substantial Fragile Absolutes, a project started by Alan Phelan in 2008. Political History and Cultural assumptions are firmly pushed into the spotlight by Phelan’s unique approach, which is characterized by opposing ideas, conflicting assumptions, mashed together to mock and praise. Using an ‘unfinished’ quality to some of his work mirrors the uncertainty that belies our cultural assumptions. This is work that strives to promote debate, a dialogue that poses more questions of society than answers.

Brian Duggan, 'They've tried everything to keep us from riding...in the end we always win' - 12th October - 22nd November

In this tantilising exhibition, Brian Duggan presents new work, work that has not been seen in Ireland and work that has come in from the outside. Duggan engages people in questioning the myriad decisions of the everyday, where he twists experience and materials to check the actuality of lived experience.

Problems, crisis and mistakes, the inherent risks of choosing an activity or choosing inactivity are an ongoing focus for his projects. The exhibitions includes 23 swings first shown in Paris 2007, that visitors can use in the gallery. A stone sculpture of the Fukushima power plant, made up of 5 types of inlaid stone, and two new digital video installations.

"I was really scared when i first heard about these balls," said Mulyanto, a 27 year old shopkeeper, who rides between his hometown of Bognor and Jakarta almost every day for work. "It sounds like it could be really dangerous"

Permanent Collection Exhibition, 'Landscape 2' - 12th October - 22nd November

Furthering LCGA's celebration of the Landscape element of the Permanent Collection, placed alongside the recent acquisition of Sean Cotter's work will be contemporary landscape works.

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