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MUINTIR selections from the Permanent Collection curated by Simon Fennessy Corcoran

15 September - 29 January 2017
Limerick City Gallery of Art




Curated by Shinnors Scholar Simon Fennessy Corcoran

Preview: Sep 15th, Continues to 29th January 2017


Muintir is an expression of the Permanent Collection through the eyes of the people of Limerick. Running alongside Cumann by Michael McLoughlin, participants of McLoughlin’s audio map of Limerick where invited to select works from the permanent collection; The result of this collaboration focuses on the unique perspective each group has in relation to their interests and backgrounds, with a very important thing in common, a singular community of Luimnigh (Limerick).


Often it is difficult to express a personal opinion or perspective on art especially when you consider yourself to be outside the “art world”, this exhibition highlights these valuable, fascinating and deeply personal perspectives which have emerged from the participating groups. Muintir has be selected by Adapt house, Contact studios, Limerick Roller Derby, Shannon rowing club, Social Democrats, Landsdown Active Retirement Association, Chomhaltas Ceoltoiri Éireann, Garraí Eóin, LGBTI Limerick and Ormston House. Shinnors scholar, Simon Fennessy Corcoran has selected further works from the Collection which he believes will add to and enhance the ideas and feelings being expressed by the group’s selections.


As a municipal gallery, L.C.G.A. is charged with the development of the arts in Limerick for every citizen, for the purposes of this we have a powerful tool at our disposal which we see can be employed for the improvement of socially charged engagements and building accessibility to the culture of Limerick; Our Permanent Collection. Limerick City Gallery of Art is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Ireland and home to a very important collection of Irish 18th to 21st century art in all media, amounting to over 831 works. LCGA also holds the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing and the Michael O’Connor International Poster Collection consisting of over 2800 works of international design.


Short video of installation:!AjT7OpMRVjvfyAToOF3yFwMRhxSt





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